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Is Casino Mate Mobile Legitimate?

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Is Casino Mate Mobile Legitimate?

You must have read a news or article about the shutdown of casino-mate mobile application by Google play store. Before being a part of this program, Casino Mate was one of the most downloaded applications from Google Play Store. Now, according to Google, this application has been shut down for several reasons, and if you are one of the lucky players who downloaded this application from the Google Play Store, you need to uninstall it in order to keep your account active. In this article you will find out how to uninstall Casino Mate completely and take your account down permanently. Just read on.

Google has informed users of their shutting down of the casino-mate application in the Google play store, and they have also provided links to claim your money if you have deposited any money in your account. According to them, the reason behind the shutting down of this application is a violation of their terms and conditions. Specifically, they had noticed that users were using this mobile casino software for playing money for gambling purposes, without providing an authentic casino experience.

As per Google’s statement, you are only allowed to claim if you have downloaded the particular app that you are running. So, if you had downloaded any other casino games, you would not be eligible to get your money back. This was the main reason behind the cancellation of this particular application by Google. They had found several cases where users were using this application to play online casino games without following the rules and regulations. As a result of these findings, Google had asked all its stores to cancel such apps, and they had also asked Google Play to remove this application from the list of casino games available in the Google Play Store. In addition to that, Google had also decided to implement the decision for all future apps that would be available for download from Google Play.

In this regard, Casino Mate Mobile still has some legal options left to avail. Apart from asking Google to block its application, they could ask the court to restrain Google from distributing the said application to the Play Store or stop it from promoting the same through ads on mobile casinos. It is also possible that they can sue the developer of the said application for violating terms and conditions laid down by Google Play. On the other hand, there are mobile gaming operators and hoteliers who are claiming that the application does not violate any rule because the content of the application does not encourage gambling and does not encourage users to obtain loyalty points or cash or rewards. They argue that they are not providing a place for gambling since players won’t get access to cards, slot machines or deuces wild, and therefore this does not constitute gambling.

However, Google states that this application may constitute gambling if a player is able to acquire benefits and advantages through the use of the application. Hence, it is important for mobile casino game players to understand whether they are playing for money or for other things such as loyalty points, deuces wild and other virtual currencies. This is the reason why Google Chrome browser is not allowed to be used to play video poker and blackjack on Google Play. This is done to comply with the terms and conditions set by Google, which does not allow the browser to be used to access games that are specifically for gambling.

As for the question of poker being played for real money or not, most of the players would agree that it is unlikely. However, there are some die hard fans who would disagree to the point of saying that video poker is played for real money. There are a number of reasons why this particular issue exists and is not seen as a major issue. The major issue is probably the interface that Google uses to present card games on a mobile platform and the lack of table games. Casino Mate Mobile may present some appealing features such as its integration with Google Maps, but the card games for which it was designed were never intended to be used for money or as means of exchange.