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Mobile Gaming At The Royal Vegas Hotel

The world famous Las Vegas is the perfect playground for gaming enthusiasts as well as for tourists and they can be found in full regalia on the numerous casinos found here. No visit to Las Vegas would be complete without at least splashing around a bit on the slot machines or having a quick spin on one of the roulette tables. But this isn’t all that is available on a casino floor in this popular gambling mecca. A visitor can find the latest exciting gadgets and high-end electronics in one of the many shopping centers found in this vibrant city as well. Although the advent of online casino options has dramatically changed the way people play casino games and interact, there’s still an even greater change in the technological world.

Mobile wagering requirements have certainly altered the manner in which players partake in gambling. No longer are players restricted to playing in the casinos during normal business hours. On the internet they can play right from their desktops, so long as they have an available signal. They can also now place bets on sports events that take place in this iconic city thanks to the World Wide Web.

The rapid growth of mobile devices like Smart Phones and portable computers has changed the face of online casino gambling too. Video slots and arcade slots now feature integrated graphics on smart phones and PDAs. While earlier users had to stick with the old style video slots, these days a player can select from an extensive list of video slots and arcade slots featured on his favorite smart phone. In addition to that, he gets to play in multiple casinos across the world thanks to the internet.

Roulette and other table games featuring live dealers are now available for play from the pockets of gamers thanks to the World Wide Web. In fact, mobile gambling has become a revolution thanks to the integration of 3G technology in smart phones. With the availability of downloadable software developers have been able to develop exciting new roulette games. Popular online casinos such as Playtech, Realtime Gaming and CardRunners have integrated video slots and baccarat systems on smart phones running Google Android and Apple iOS.

The popularity of mobile devices running iPhones and iPad has increased the competition among online casinos in offering special deals to attract visitors. The presence of ios devices in particular is a major advantage as it is capable of running most of the popular casino apps. The iPhone’s Maps application and ios movie app are highly acclaimed and useful tools in attracting visitors. The availability of a free version of the augmented reality game, Pokemon Blackjack, on the app is also a big draw to players as they can now enjoy a fully immersive gaming experience while on the go.

The increase in demand for video gaming systems and mobile devices has made the Royal Vegas Hotel one of the most popular destinations in Las Vegas for both out-of-town tourists and residents. The hotel offers a wide range of mobile gaming options including an i-MAX gaming center, video arcade, premium guest casino, live entertainment and more. The mobile gaming options at the Ritz-Carlton allow players to entertain themselves while on the go, making it easy to visit with family and friends.